Summer’s Bounty Grilled Peaches


If your peach trees are dripping with ripe peaches about now as ours are at the Spiral House — and you can get to them before the squirrels do — make sure to enjoy them in lots of different ways. Farm stands and farmers’ markets are also great sources.

Be sure to freeze some for winter. When freezing, Chef Diane peels and slices the peaches, arranges the fresh-cut pieces in zip lock bags, and then freezes the flattish bags atop one another. Arrange the slices in the bags in a single layer without the pieces touching and you can pull out a few slices at a time from a bag for your oatmeal or a smoothie. Otherwise, defrost the entire bag and use the peaches for cobblers and compotes. You’ll find a mouthwatering and gluten-free recipe for a fruit crumble on page 197 of our vegan cookbook, For Goodness Sake: Plant-Based Recipes from the Spiral House Kitchen. Just substitute peaches for the blueberries.

Here’s Diane’s recipe for grilled peaches that we just can’t get enough of:


Fresh Peaches (peeled and halved)
Balsamic Vinegar (for drizzling)
Salt (to taste)
Pure Maple Syrup (Optional: for drizzling with the balsamic if the peaches aren’t sweet)


This recipe is: