Spiral House Seed List for 2022

  • Seed List for 2022

Friends start asking us at this time of year what we will be planting in the Spiral House vegetable garden and we try to oblige them by posting our seed list in our newsletter and on our blog. All of the seeds are non-GMO. They are also organic unless an organic option was not available and we are certain the seed company does not sell genetically modified seed. When possible, we also purchase heirlooms.


We have an arrangement with Northern Dutchess Botanical Garden in Rhinebeck, New York (about half an hour’s drive from the Spiral House), to start many of our seeds for us because of the size of our garden. During the pandemic we began supplying local food pantries with produce and this will be the third season we are happy to be doing that. Consider grow lights for an early start indoors at your property so you can get a jump start on the season with transplants of your preferred varieties. There are lots of wonderful new LED grow lights now.


Seed company abbreviations:

HVSC - Hudson Valley Seed Company,

High Mowing - High Mowing Seed Company,

Johnny’s - Johnny Select Seeds,

Territorial - Territorial Seed Company,

Grow Organic - Peaceful Valley Seeds,

Renee’s - Renee’s Garden Seeds,

Crimson Sage - Crimson Sage Medicinal Plant Nursery,

Southern Exposure – Southern Exposure Seed Exchange,

Swallowtail – Swallowtail Garden Seeds,

Eden – Eden Brothers Seed Company,




Asian Greens: Bopak F1 Pac Choy (High Mowing)

Beans: Emerite, Gold Rush Yellow Bush (HVSL); Midori Giant Soybean; Provider Bush, Maxibel Haricot Vert, Northeaster (High Mowing); Kentucky Wonder (Territorial)

Beets: Detroit Red, Ruby Queen, Early Wonder (HVSC)

Broccoli:  Covina F1, Di Cicco,  (High Mowing); Piracicaba Brazilian (Whitwam Organics); Novantina broccoli raab (HVSC); Pacman (Vermont Bean Seed Co.)

Carrots: Danvers (HVSC)

Chard: Silverado, Rhubarb (HVSC)

Cucumbers: Marketmore, (High Mowing); Excelsior F1 pickling (High mowing); Mini Persian (Renees)

Eggplant: Ping Tung, Rosa Bianca, Michal F1 (High Mowing)

Fennel: Orion F-1 for fall harvest (High Mowing)

Greens: Green Wave, Red Lace (High Mowing)

Lettuce and lettuce-like: Prizehead (HVSC); Green Towers, Jericho, Magenta pelleted, Pirat, Astro arugula, Bellezia arugula (High Mowing)

Kale: Kailaan Chinese kale (HVSC); Westlander, Red Russian (High Mowing)

Leek transplants: Lancelot (Territorial)

Peas: Avalanche snow, Cascadia snap, Green Arrow Shelling (High Mowing)

Peppers: Bridge to Paris, Shishito, King of the North (HVSC); Bastian F1 Poblano, Jalaguego F1 Jalapeno, Hungarian Hot Wax, Primero Red F1 Habanero, Red Picnic, Orange Picnic, Yellow Picnic (High Mowing); Red Pimiento (San Diego Seed Co.)

Radish: German Giant, Watermelon, (HVSC)

Scallions: Evergreen (HVSL)

Spinach: Abundant Bloomsdale (HVSC); Space F1 (High Mowing)

Squash: Tromboncino (Territorial); Green-striped cushaw, Jack-be-Little (Eden Brothers); Honeynut Butternut, Waltham Butternut (High Mowing)

Sweet Potatoes: Beauregard slips (Southern Exposure Seed Exchange) 

Tomatoes: Brandywine OTV red beefsteak, Arkansas Marvel, Black Krim, Chadwick Cherry, Georgia Streak, Amana Orange, San Marzano Redorta, Martino’s Roma, Kellogg’s Breakfast, Sunset’s Red Horizon, Blondkopfchen (Tomatofest); Sungold (Renees)



Basil: Thai, (HVSC); Italian Large Leaf, Sacred Basil, Mammoth (Eden Brothers); Genovese (High Mowing)

Chervil: Brussel’s Winter (Southern Exposure)

Cilantro: Cilantro (HVSC)

Dill: Bouquet, (Eden Brothers); Hera (Johnny’s)

Lemon Verbena: 12 Lemon Verbena plants (Crimson Sage Medicinal Plant Nursery)

Parsley: Giant Italian Flat Leaf (High Mowing)



Ageratum: Tall Blue Planet F-1 (Johnny’s)

Celosia: Pampas Plume, Chief Persimmon (Johnny’s)

Zinnia: Zowie Yellow Flame, Jim Baggett’s Choice Mix, Benary’s Giant Purple (Johnny’s); Orange King Zinnia (

Nasturtium: Alaska Mix (Johnny’s)


Reserve Seedling Stock from Northern Dutchess Botannical Gardens, Rhinebeck, NY:

110 Verbena Homestead Purple plants

5 Verbena Bonariensis plants

4 Salvia Indigo Spire plants

50 4-inch pots Bidens

40 4-inch pots bright scarlet red low creeping Verbena plants

20 Dichondra silver falls plants

15 flats mixed portulaca

12 4-in pots white bacopa

30 4-in pots lavender bacopa

2 organic French tarragon plants

2 organic Thai basil plants

10 organic Lemon Verbena plants