2016 Seed List for our Organic Vegetable and Flower Garden

Virtually all of our vegetable seeds, sets and transplants are organic as are the lion’s share of our flower seeds. If we can’t find the organic flower seed we want, we will purchase it from non-GMO seed companies. Northern Dutchess Botanical Gardens in Rhinebeck, New York, just a hop over the Hudson River, starts our transplants for us. We very strongly support the Hudson Valley Seed Company, formerly the Hudson Valley Seed Library (HVSL), a regionally-based seed-saver offering heirloom and open-pollinated seeds for vegetable, flower, and herb varieties. Many of these seeds are produced on their own certified organic farm. As a certified organic seed handler, they source the rest from other local farmers, farmers in other regions and trustworthy wholesale seed houses that are not owned by or affiliated with biotech companies. Watch for an interview with Ken Greene, co-founder of the Hudson Valley Seed Library, in our upscoming blog posting and learn about the critical importance of regional seed savers so you can find one in your area. High Mowing Seeds is another of our favorites. The independently-owned company is certified organic and Non-GMO Project verified. Other sources for our seed this year were Peaceful ValleyTerritorial SeedSeeds of ChangeDixondale Farms, and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. Grow forth and multiply.


Asian greens: Komatsuna, Tatsoi, Shanghai Green Baby bok choy, Bok choy (HVSL), Mizuna (Johnny’s).

Beans: Provider, Panther edamame, Black Turtle beans (HVSL); Blue Lake, Kentucky Wonder, Northeaster, Blue Coco, Gold Rush Yellow Bush (High Mowing Seeds); Romano (Southern Exposure), Jacob’s Cattle (Peaceful Valley).

Beets: Ruby Queen, Detroit Dark Red (HVSL); Red Ace, Early Wonder, Shiraz (High Mowing).

Broccoli: De Cicco, Piracicaba (HVSL); Nautic, Purple Peacock broccoli/kale combination (Territorial).

Brussels Sprouts: Nautic Hybrid (Territorial).

Carrots: Danvers, Scarlet Nantes (HVSL); Starburst, Jeanette, Cosmic Purple (High Mowing), Atomic Red (Territorial).

Chard: Rhubarb, Rainbow, Silverado (HVSL).

Collards: Champion (HVSL).

Cucumber: Marketmore, National Pickling, Ukranian slicing, Muncher (HVSL); Kalunga F1 (High Mowing).

Eggplant: Rosa Bianca (HVSL).

Fennel: Florence (HVSL), Orion (High Mowing).

Greens: Brown Gold Ring Romaine, Merlot, Flashy Butter Oak, Black-seeded Simpson, Magenta, Bergam’s Green pelleted (HVSL); Gourmet Lettuce Blend, Refugio, Paris Island Cos, Outredgeous (High Mowing); Eiffel Tower, Simpson Elite, Mustard (Territorial); Arugula, Mizuna (Johnny’s); Red Iceberg (Seeds of Change).

Kale: Red Russian, Vates Blue Curled, Dino (HVSL).

Leeks: Leek transplants (Dixon Farms).

Onion Sets: red, white, yellow (Peaceful Valley).

Onion Seed: Copra (Dixondale); Cortland, Cabernet, New York (High Mowing); Clear Dawn (HVSL). 

Parsnip: Harris Model (HVSL).

Peas: Sugar Snap, (HVSL); Green Arrow shelling, Laxtons Progress (High Mowing).

Peppers: Jalapeño, King of the North (HVSL); Golden California Wonder, Poblano (High Mowing; Pimiento (Peaceful Valley); Lunchbox (Johnny’s).

Potatoes: Yukon Gold, French Fingerling, Austrian Crescent Fingerling (Peaceful Valley).

Radish: Watermelon, French Breakfast, Cherry Belle (HVSL).

Scallions: Evergreen scallions (HVSL).

Spinach: Bloomsdale (HVSL).

Squash: Butternut, Long Island Cheese (HVSL); Tromboncino, Green-striped Cushaw (Southern Exposure); Jack Be Little (High Mowing).

Tomatoes: Black Krim, Striped German, (HVSL); Big Beef, Italian Plum, Brandywine OTV, Cherokee Purple, Martino's Roma, Peacevine cherry, San Marzano Redorta (Tomatofest); Esterina (Johnny’s).

Tomatillo: Purple tomatillo (High Mowing)

Turnips: Purple top white globe (HVSL)


Basil: Thai, Genovese, Italian large leaf, Cinnamon (HVSL); Mammoth

Sweet Basil: Elianora (Territorial).

Chervil: Brussels Winter (High Mowing).

Cilantro: (HVSL).

Dill: Greensleeves (High Mowing).

Lemon Balm: (High Mowing).

Parsley: Gigante Italia (HVSL).

Sorrel: (High Mowing).


Sunflowers: Ornamental Mix, Taiyo, Mammoth Grey Stripe (HVSL)

Zinnia: County Fair, Giant Purple, Giant Coral, Golden Yellow, Benary’s Red (High Mowing); Zowie Yellow Flame, Giant Orange, Giant Wine, Coral Giant Dahlia flowered (Johnny’s)

Bachelor Buttons: HVSL

Borage: HVSL

Calendula: Pacific Beauty Blend, Resina (High Mowing)

Marigold: Dark Orange, Butterfly Summer Squash (High Mowing)

Morning Glory: Adams

California Poppy: Mission Bells (Peaceful Valley)


Melon: Banana Melon (HVSL)